Make your apartment smart for 25 thousand rubles!

Today, automation of apartments and houses with Smart Home systems does not cost fabulous money.

We invite owners of apartments and, first of all, new buildings to see this from their own experience. Our cost of ready-made solutions for installing automation systems in an apartment starts from 25,000 rubles.

For this minimum cost, you get a ready-made solution for a one-room apartment “STUDIO – PROTECTION”. DIVISION automation.

In this kit you get:

– security and fire alarms,

– water leakage alarm,

– home WI-FI network,

– uninterrupted power supply,

– event log, e-mail notification,

– voice notification: information, alarm messages,

– identification of all users of the security system and timing of their actions in the event log,

– graphical representation of information about the state of the security system,

– SOS function – turning on the siren, calling security, sending an emergency message, – SOS (new) function on a mobile device.

You can control the system from any smartphone (iOS / Android) or using the touch panel.

The shield is prepared for self-installation.

The cost of a shield with configured central equipment, IP32 control panel, WI-FI router is 25,490 rubles.

If you want to entrust the installation to professionals, then the cost of the turnkey system (equipment, wiring, commissioning, connection to DIVISION GLOBAL) will be 33,300 rubles.

Get ready-made solutions that create comfort and safety in your home.

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