DV-Head controller

Operation Diagnostics


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For DIVISION system versions up to 2019.

DIVISION MONITOR is a program that performs 3 tasks. Firstly, the program is a сonnecting link  between the DV-HEAD OMEGA central controller and the DIVISION CLIENT program that is installed on the DV-IP17 controller or on a computer with the Win7,8,10 operating system. Secondly, the program allows you to monitor the status of DV-HEAD OMEGA: displaying the current list of devices connected to DV-HEAD OMEGA and the list of devices generated during the project configuration using the DIVISION CONSTRUCTOR program, and also displays the on-board temperature, supply voltage and time of the central controller DV-HEAD OMEGA. Thirdly, based on the data received from DV-HEAD OMEGA, DIVISION MONITOR maintains an event log.




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