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IK Bank
8 channels

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IR command bank DV-IR8D is an electronic addressable controller used as part of the DIVISION automation system to control any devices that have an IR interface (TVs, air conditioners, audio equipment, etc.). Designed to store commands from infrared household appliances control panels and issue them through any multiplexed channel using DV-IRTR3 IR transmitters with carrier values ​​of 24-55 kHz with an error of no more than 1% and 455 kHz with an error of no more than 2.5%. Structurally, the controller is made in a housing for mounting on a DIN rail.

The DV-IR8D IR command bank is connected to the DV-HEAD OMEGA central controller via the RS485 interface. One or two DV-IRTR3 IR transmitters can be connected to each controller output channel. Any command stored in the DV-IR8D’s memory can be sent to any transmitter connected to it. The IR command project configuration is formed and flashed into the DV-IR8D controller using the DIVISION CONSTRUCTOR software.

To test and assign an address to the DV-IR8D controller in the DIVISION system, connect it to a personal computer using a USB/RS485 interface converter and run the DIVISION CONTROLLERS program.

Main technical characteristics:
— 8 sections;
— 8 output channels;
— RS485;
— auto-detection in the DIVISION automation system;
— indication of the operating mode on the board;
— Software for testing DIVISION CONTROLLERS;
— size 4-DIN;
— connector pitch 3.81.

Producer: GK «TECHNO»


Штрих код DV-IR8-D

Typical schemes for switching on the controller are given in the Operation Manual and in the Constructor section



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