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Input-Output modul

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Input-output module DV-RB8D is an electronic addressable controller used as part of the DIVISION automation system, connected to the DV-HEAD OMEGA central controller via the RS485 interface. The DV-RB8D controller has 4 discrete inputs of the »0» -»1» type, to each of which sensors with a relay output or with an open collector can be connected to connect OPS sensors, as well as to connect liquid level sensors, sensors water or gas leaks, current sensors, generator operation sensors, rain sensors, scenario and alarm buttons, etc. Also, the DV-RB8D controller has 4 »dry» relay outputs, contacts (NC. NO. C), for controlling E/M eaves, electric motors, automatic gates, electric starters, etc. The I/O module board DV-RB8D provides indication of the status of inputs and outputs. To test and assign an address to the DV-RB8D controller in the DIVISION system, connect it to a personal computer using a USB/RS485 interface converter and run the DIVISION CONTROLLERS program. Size 4-DIN. Connector pitch 3.81.

Producer: «DVC Technologies»

Typical schemes for switching on the controller are given in the Operation Manual and in the Constructor section



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