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Home automation module

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Wi-Fi home -a universal module for controlling home automation from iOS/Android devices. The controller is able to control 6 power relays, i.e. You can easily control the lighting on the street and inside the house, cornices, shutters, entrance or garage doors and much more. 4 discrete inputs allow, for example, to set up monitoring of security sensors, sensors of water leak or gas leak, and thus organize your own mini-security system. The Wi-Fi home module can also be used to control electronic toys, Christmas lights, or even create an anti-theft lock for your car. Wi-Fi control is a big advantage of this solution. This frees you from laying extra cable.
We would like to add that Wi-Fi home is a completely ready solution available for both engineering system integrators and the end user.

Manufacturer : Company Group  “TECHNO”




Сonfiguring the module in SERVER mode
configuring the module in CLIENT mode


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