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Division Car is Android/iOS based software for controlling Division Car via smartphone.

The machine has over 40 functions. The Division Car app is an interactive car dashboard. The car can move with the first, second or third speed by analogy with an automatic transmission. In this case, a corresponding sound of a running engine or an idle sound is heard. When the car starts, turns, brakes or moves in reverse, then all the signaling lights of the car: dipped beam, brake lights, turn signals turn on in the same way as when driving a real car. Long-range running lights are switched on at will. Arming and disarming the alarm and, of course, the triggering of the alarm are decorated with appropriate sound and noise effects. To prevent the threat of an accident or just to fool around, you can give a sound signal that will not leave anyone indifferent. The direction of movement of the machine is set by tilting the SmartPhone in the desired direction. Mileage counting, movement of tachometer and speedometer needles, temperature conditions and fuel level (battery charge level) are realistic, which makes driving a live and clear car. The Division Car app allows you to set records, there is a list of pilots with the ability to post photos, and much, much more.


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