Our company offers ready-made solutions for home and industrial automation Smart home.

The turnkey solution is a fully equipped and programmed electrical panel, which will only need to be installed in your apartment, cottage or industrial premises.

All ready-made kits DIVISION Smart Home can be easily connected to the consoles of private security companies and the central console.

All ready-made Division Smart Home kits are equipped with the Division Global service, which receives information about an emergency from the DV-Head Omega central controller via the Internet and sends an e-mail notification to your email and to your smartphone.

In addition, Division Global continuously monitors the availability of power and the main parameters of the controller.

If necessary, information is sent to the technical support service!

We will tell you more about the options for ready-made solutions in the sections – “Ready solution for an apartment – Studio-Protection”, “Ready solution for an apartment – Studio-Protection Electro”, “Ready solution for an apartment – Studio-Lux”.