We invite to cooperation organizations involved in the installation of low-voltage systems, electronic equipment.

The architecture of DIVISION is so simple that a complete training of a specialist will take only a few days. Due to the fact that all components and software are developed and manufactured by TECHNO engineers in Rostov-on-Don, we are ready to provide you with fast, comprehensive technical assistance.

We offer two ways to get acquainted with the system:

You can get a set of hardware and software for a period of 1 month for testing under a letter of guarantee. We will try our best to make your work as easy as possible. This will take you 2-3 days. (In the future, setting up the design of control panels, programming the logic of the systems and the house as a whole, you will do in the same time!).
You can come to our office and see the working system with your own eyes, set up the DIVISION system together with a specialist, make a specification of the necessary equipment and see how it all works, it will take 2 days.


If necessary, we undertake the preparation of technical specifications, design consulting, compilation of a cable magazine and specifications. We also provide samples of contracts concluded between the Contractor (the installer company) and the Customer.

Work management

The work is carried out in five main stages: design, laying of cable routes, installation and configuration of central equipment, installation of peripheral equipment, commissioning and commissioning.

After completing each stage of work, we coordinate and consult with our partner. Each stage is better to draw up a separate contract and sign the act of delivery of work.

Commercial interests

– the manufacturer undertakes to supply the Dealer with goods (components and programs that make up the DIVISION system) at the prices of the dealer price list;

– the manufacturer determines a fixed price in Russia and takes into account customs coefficients when setting prices abroad;

– the manufacturer provides the Dealer with all the necessary documentation, as well as provides operational support;

– The Dealer sells the goods on the territory agreed with the Manufacturer;

– The dealer conducts presentations of the entire list of goods: allocates a showroom and the necessary stands for this purpose, and also prepares the relevant specialists.