We invite organizations involved in the installation of low-current systems and electronic equipment to cooperate.

The architecture of the DIVISION is so simple that complete training of a specialist will take only a few days. Since all components and software are designed and manufactured by DVC Technologies engineers, we are ready to provide you with comprehensive technical assistance.

We offer two ways to get acquainted with the system:
If necessary, we undertake the preparation of technical specifications, design consultations, drawing up a cable log and specifications. We also provide samples of contracts concluded between the Contractor (installation organization) and the Customer.

Work management

The work is carried out in five main stages: design, laying cable routes, installation and configuration of central equipment, installation of peripheral equipment, commissioning.
Commercial interests

— DVC Technologis undertakes to supply the partner with components of the DIVISION system at dealer price list prices;

— the manufacturer provides the Dealer with all the necessary documentation and also provides operational support;

— The Partner sells the goods on the territory agreed with the Manufacturer;

— The partner conducts presentations of the entire list of products: allocates a showroom and the necessary stands for this, and also trains relevant specialists.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and discuss options for cooperation.