PC based Control Panel

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For DIVISION system versions up to 2019.

The functional purpose of the DIVISION CLIENT program is the implementation of interactive communication between the owner of the Smart Home and engineering systems or other devices using DV-IP17 touch control panels. Page navigation makes it easy to navigate among all the features of the Smart Home. Interaction with the interface elements of the DIVISION touch control panel leads to the execution of those actions that were laid down at the time of design using the DIVISION CONSTRUCTOR program, and in the event of alarm events on the DV-IP17 control panel, a warning information window pops up, a sound notification is played, or some or other actions. In addition to the Smart Home control functions, the DIVISION CLIENT program includes a customizable alarm clock, a music player, a browser window for accessing the Internet, a setting window for automatically executing scripts at the right time, a TV, and an intercom.




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