Recording controller of
IR commands

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IR command recording controller DV-IREC-D is a device for recording commands from IR remote controls. The IR Recorder performs automatic detection and decoding of the main parameters of the IR signal. Works with most types of IR remote controls operating in the frequency range from 16 kHz to 150 kHz. The maximum length of the recorded IR command is 470 periods. Indication of the operation of the controller for recording IR commands DV-IREC-D on the board.

The DV-IREC-D IR command recording controller is connected to a personal computer using a USB/RS485 interface converter. Recording IR commands from remote controls, editing and emitting IR commands is done using the DIVISION CONSTRUCTOR software. To test the performance of the DV-IREC-D controller, use the DIVISION CONTROLLERS program.

Dimensions 2-DIN.

Manufactorer: “DVC Technologies”



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