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The DV-AS current sensor is designed to determine if the electronic equipment is on or off. It is specially designed to work as part of the DIVISION system for synchronizing the control of multimedia devices on the IR channel. In the case when the same IR team is used to turn on and off any equipment, then duruing working scripts, for example, “sleep”, when all TVs in the house are sent the command to turn off, if some TV has already been turned off, then in our case it will turn on, which is not true. Thus, using this sensor, you can decide to send the ON/OFF command for a particular device. The sensor has a relay output. The range of currents of the connected controls of DC or AC from 0 to 2A with a maximum frequency of up to 120 kHz. DV-AS Current U-12B, I-0.1 A.

Typical circuits for the turning on  the controller are given in the operating manual and in the section Constructor




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