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The DV-TMPRO atmosphere parameter sensor is an electronic address controller used as part of the DIVISION automation system that is connected to the DV-HEAD OMEGA central controller via the RS485 interface. The DV-TMPRO controller allows you to take temperature and humidity measurements outdoor or indoor.

To test and assign an address to the DV-TMPRO controller, connect it to a personal computer using a USB/RS485 interface converter and run the DIVISION CONTROLLERS program.

Main technical characteristics:
– number of measurement points: 2;
– RS485;
– number of controllers on one RS485 port – no more than 32;
– type humidity sensor: HIH-4010;
– thermometer – digital, type: DS1820;
– overall dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 25x62x25.

Typical schemes for switching on the controller are given in the Operation Manual and in the Constructor section



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